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What is Brand to Hand?


Brand to hand merchandising (or B2H) provides face-to-face contact with potential readers. Our team will deliver your magazine right into the hands of your target audience.


Why should I do it?


  • Maximum engagement with your brand.

  • Face-to-face contact.

  • Utilizing social media at the same time can increase traffic to your site.

  • Can increase your brand awareness.

  • Can increase newsstand and subscription sales.


Why Global Media Hub?


Our team of distributors are carefully selected to represent your brand;


  • Staff are fully briefed about your magazine.

  • Staff are encouraged to engage with members of the public.

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories, hair etc. are all managed to match your brand.

  • We can source branded items such as tote bags, pens, mugs etc.


All of these factors ensure your title is fully interacted with and remembered.


Contact us to find out what we can do to inspire your audience and get them excited about your brand.


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