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What is magazine placement?


Copies of your publication are placed in carefully selected venues. These highly desirable venues are chosen based on your target demographic.

  • Venues are contacted and a suitable supply is agreed which we then deliver.

  • Our office and field based teams manage supply levels and venue relationships.

  • Copies are displayed at each venue in common areas, in rooms and in reception areas.

  • We provide POD's as a rule and photos wherever possible.

Why should you do it?


  • To build brand awareness for your title.

  • Venues are chosen based on your target demographic.

  • Distribution is AAM compliant.

  • Magazine placement provides advertisers with a guaranteed readership.

  • Readers become increasingly familiar with your brand over time.

  • Provides value across the whole publishing team (circulation, marketing, sales etc)

  • It is useful for exploring potential in new territories.


Why Global Media Hub?


  • We draw up a new distribution plan for each title based on your readership profile.

  • We continue to expand to new venues.

  • We have relationships with some of the most prestigious international venues.

  • We can provide you with access to spas, private jets, airports, offices, hotels and more.

  • We can reach your target audience at home, on their way to work and during theirleisure time.


For a list of venues that target your unique demographic, contact us. We can create a fresh and unique distribution for your title.


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